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The mouse-motor's position as elephant-killer perhaps not last long. Tire and clutch technology continued to enhance, and the big elephants were ultimately able to provide more capacity to the track. By early sixties, the mouse generator can no longer plague the big Chryslers in the Prime Eliminator ranks. The tiny stop Chevy was however vastly popular in the altered, fuel coupe and altered classes. Although it seldom ran from the huge elephant engines any further, the motor was still known as the mouse motor.

Story has it that throughout the early sixties, particular Chevy racers showed up at various battle paths with an odd new motor beneath the hood. It was not a mouse engine, and it was not the big 409 V-8 that the Beach Guys immortalized in song. It had been a mysterious, new Chevy V-8.The puzzle just survived a short while, as Chevrolet the old rat a brand new huge block V8 in 1965. Accessible first as a 396 cubic inch edition, the motor eventually evolved to displacements of 402, 427, 454 CI. GM even offered a monster 572 CI variation of the engine.

After the motor was presented, many people however continued to refer to it because the secret engine. When the valve addresses were removed, warm rodders started contacting it the porcupine V8, because unlike the mouse generator which had the device stalks lined up in a nice line, the valves in the brand new motor were canted at different angles.

Look through photos of Chevrolet race cars from the time, and you find many examples of cars with the terms Puzzle Engine or Semi Hemi decorated on the hood.For most rodders and racers, but, there is only one respectable moniker for the new engine. If the tiny Chevy V-8 was a mouse generator, it's greater, more powerful, fiercer sister could just be a RAT motor.

The name has stuck. Today only previous school warm rodders and nostalgia enthusiasts however use the terms mouse and elephant motor. The title rat generator, but, remains widely used to spell it out the huge block Chevy V8. Not even close to being truly a derogatory expression, the phrase rat generator is well-liked by Chevy supporters and is employed as a subject of regard by those that build and battle other brands.

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